Get $5 off Your next chair purchase with Educan’s innovative recycling program

September 5, 2023

Educan is giving $5 credits to customers who exchange their old chairs for new ones.

Holding on to chairs past their intended lifetime can compromise their structural integrity, posing potential safety risks. Educan’s newly launched chair turn-in program makes necessary upgrades more affordable and efficient while also helping the environment.

“It’s a double whammy,” said Educan manager, Toofan Kaboli. “You help the environment by recycling chairs and get $5 off your next chair purchase. You can’t go wrong.”

Here’s how it works: for each used or broken chair Educan receives, the company will take $5 off the purchase of a new chair with a 10-year limited lifetime warranty. Additionally, Educan accepts all used chairs, regardless of whether or not they were originally purchased from Educan. Once received, the company will recycle the old chairs responsibly so that their plastic and metal components can find new lives in other products.

Customers in the BC Lower Mainland can enjoy free delivery and pickup when they purchase 100 or more chairs.

For more information about the promotional program, visit this webpage or contact (604) 517-1010 to redeem your credits.