Time for an upgrade?

Most furniture begins to lose its structural integrity after prolonged use in public or commercial settings, posing potential safety hazards.

When it’s time for something new, however, we know it can be costly and time consuming to dispose of the old products.

Educan is here to make that job easier! 

For every used or broken chair you turn in, we’ll reward you with a $5 credit towards a new chair and recycle the old one responsibly.

In other words, Educan makes transitioning to safer and more stylish seating a win-win for your budget and the environment. 

We accept all used chair turn-ins regardless of whether they were originally purchased from Educan or not. We also offer free pick-up and delivery in the BC Lower Mainland when you buy 100 or more new chairs.

Email info@educanltd.com or call (604) 517-1010 to redeem your credits!

Chair Upgrade/Turn-in Program
$5 Chair Credit

Terms and conditions

  • For every chair turned in, Educan takes $5 off the next chair purchased (e.g. If a customer wants to purchase 100 new chairs and gives Educan 20 old chairs, they will get $100 ($5 X 20 new chairs) off their purchase).
  • The $5 credit only applies to chairs (e.g. a customer cannot return a chair and get $5 off the purchase of a table or desk). Credits will be calculated and printed on the final invoice.
  • You may only use one (1) $5 coupon per new chair purchased. (e.g., if a customer turns in two (2) old chairs and only buys one (1) new chair, they will receive $5 off their purchase, not $10 off).
  • This offer is only valid in BC and Alberta.
  • Coupons expire after 6 months.

The 2022-23 product catalogue is here!

Download now to see our full product offering and get inspired about new layouts for your classroom, office, or learning space. Remember, Educan is a manufacturer direct, not a distributor. That means we are equiped with a CNC machine and in-house engineering, so everything you see is fully customizable for size, colour and shape. Get in touch to start the process. 

You can also browse our products online by clicking the button below: 



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