Tote Tray Storage Shelves

These tote tray storage shelves (3600) are made to hold between 12-18 tote trays. Instead of glides, the base can be fitted with casters for better mobility.

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Materials: laminate medium-density fibreboard (MDF) top, base, and siding with bull-nosed edging. The trays are one-piece polypropylene with the dimensions, 14″ X 16″ X 4″. 
Options: the standard glide has a nylon base, which is a good overall pick for most floor types. Rubber, steel and felt glides are also available to suit your preferences. Download our glide and caster guide to see all the options.

Dimensions Weight (lbs) Totes
23″ X 32″ X 34″ 130 12
23″ X 32″ X 48″ 160 18